(Re)Claim: Sex + Intimacy by Piper Grant

(Re)Claim: Sex + Intimacy

An online experience that will take you through a journey of understanding your sexual self, increase sexual confidence, deepen sexual desire, and ignite eroticism. 

A 6-week virtual workshop for YOU.

Your Virtual Learning Journey

Week 1: Intro.pdf
274 KB
Week 1: Beginnings.pdf
265 KB
a. Introduction.mp4
8 mins
b. What is Your Beginning.mp4
5 mins
c. Reflecting on Your Foundation.mp4
7 mins
The Basics
Week 2: The Basics.pdf
2.22 MB
a. Below the Hips.mp4
13 mins
b. Cycle and sex.mp4
12 mins
c. Your Yoni.mp4
11 mins
Week 2: Embodiment Practice.m4a
5 mins
Week 3: Pleasure.pdf
525 KB
a. Comforts with Pleasure.mp4
8 mins
b. Your Yoni & Pleasure.mp4
12 mins
c. Self Pleasure.mp4
13 mins
d. Turn Ons and Turn Offs.mp4
7 mins
e. Pleasure Recap.mp4
3 mins
5 mins
Week 4: Pain.pdf
342 KB
a. Sexual Wounding.mp4
12 mins
b. Pelvic Pain.mp4
8 mins
c. Shame Barriers.mp4
7 mins
d. Pain Recap.mp4
3 mins
10 mins
Week 5: Sex.pdf
857 KB
a. You and Sex Today.mp4
5 mins
b. Arousal.mp4
11 mins
c. Foreplay.mp4
9 mins
d. Orgasm.mp4
18 mins
e. Physical Act of Sex.mp4
20 mins
f. Talking About Sex.mp4
11 mins
Your Erotic Self
Week 6: Erotic Self.pdf
356 KB
a. Bringing It All Together.mp4
9 mins
b. Closure.mp4
5 mins
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Unlike Any Other E-Learning Course

"By moving the female body within sensuality, appreciating the power of our curves, nurturing her with clean and healthy food, and acknowledging any wounding that has happened to her spirit, we are able to reignite the feminine and at essence the erotic self. It is a powerful force that frees us to live within authenticity, embody our divine womanly spirit, and be in touch with our sexuality." - Dr. Piper

Why This Online Experience Is For You

Do you want to increase your sexual confidence?

through learning more about your body, figuring out what turns you on and off, discovering the hurdles in your sexual desire, learning how to communicate about sex, and more, your sexual confidence will be higher than ever before.

Find ways to expand yourself sexually?

find expansion in your sexual pleasure through exploration of your own mind, body, and sexual experiences. Discover what works for you and how to get more of it.

Learn more about your body sexually?

not everyone receives the most comprehensive sex education and rarely does it include talking about pleasure. We dive into everything from the basics of anatomy to how our bodies give and receive pleasure.

Develop your own erotic map

not only will you learn about what makes you 'tick' sexually, but we will then bring it all together to create an erotic map for you.

What's Included

  • High-quality videos will be delivered weekly into your inbox, in which Dr. Piper will guide you.
  • A weekly workbook offering exercises, tools, tips, and insight prompts.
  • Each week you will receive a bonus movement exercise to help you re-engage and connect with your body.